Web App Development

Web App Development

We have built secure web application development solutions that align with business long-term strategies. Focused on a collaborative approach, our team understands customers’ needs to unlock value, build generation-next capabilities.

EApps’ complete package

Since 2008, EApps has been creating secure enterprise web applications. Web applications continue to provide value to our clients by serving as important interfaces and interaction points between internal and external systems.

From early project scoping and wireframing to development, fully managed hosting, and maintenance, we provide a complete solution.

How EApps can help you?

Web applications can save a significant amount of time and money by automating procedures and reducing the need for data duplication.

Web applications can be used on a variety of platforms and user interfaces, from desktops and laptops to tablets, smartphones, and apps.

We recognise the value of data security and build web applications in accordance with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guidelines.

  • Efficient and Result-Oriented Apps

    Web applications may help you make better decisions, collaborate better, and engage audiences more deeply since they are data-driven and customised. And the fun doesn't stop there. It's also simple to track performance, calculate ROI, and predict future trends.

  • Responsive and Secure Web Apps

    Our web apps are extremely fast and responsive, resulting in positive user experiences and high levels of engagement. The web applications are secure from online dangers and cyber-attacks thanks to the latest encryption and coding technologies used in their development.

  • Rapid Development

    There's a reason why so many online applications look and feel the same. Based on their previous experiences with other web applications, users desire and expect specific behaviours.

    At Eapps, we employ open-source community-created tools and frameworks to reproduce common and anticipated behaviour, allowing us to quickly launch new initiatives.

  • Reduced Total Costs

    In comparison to traditional desktop software, all of these advantages result in lower development and ongoing maintenance costs for specialised online applications.